Tuesday, May 29, 2012

White Ribbon - Heart of Gold

With one voice, as one community, we are speaking out and working to end violence against women.

Please take a moment of your time to visit the White Ribbon Campaign website. I wanted to show my support for this campaign. So here it is.

Men are a disgusting phenomenon. However, I give each one a chance as an individual.


  1. I support this campaign, but being a man, I don't really like the statement declaring us to be a disgusting phenomenon. Personally, I think I'd rather declare misogyny, machismo and male chauvinism to be a disgusting phenomenon - whose roots in western society (since that's the one I know most about) go back millenia... it's about time we got rid of misognyny.

    Just a comment :) and a good post!

    1. I understand you perfectly, and as I said I don't hate or dislike anyone for being a man but judge everyone individually. :) Just it happens to be that men have committed a lot of mean stuff that I really abhor, and still do, and have to me personally also. Of course women do and have done a lot of horrible things as well. It's just my point of view and what I understand and don't understand personally.

      Thank you and thank you for reading and commenting, have a good weekend! :)

    2. But in case the human race still exists in 125 000 years, I'd be most interested to see what the world is like without the Y chromosome.