Monday, 25 June 2018

How I spent Legion

Since I haven't updated this blog at all during Legion, I thought I'd make a round up post about what has happened to me in this expansion - WoW wise.

I returned to the game from a long break when the Legion pre-patch came out. I enjoyed playing after a good while. Legion hit, and I leveled up to 110 together with my partner, which was unusual, as I have previously always quested alone, as that's the way I prefer it. I get to read all the quests and take my time to think about what's actually going on and even stop to RP with myself if I so desire. Does anyone else do that, by the way? Luckily my partner was okay with me taking my time to read the quests properly, but still I found myself a little distracted and often not sure about why we were doing what we were doing.

Raiding was never a part of my plans for Legion. I considered myself a retired raider. Well, I ended up raiding anyway. We left the guild we had been in since mid-Warlords and after some bouncing around, we found a really nice guild whose progression speed was great and there was actually no one in the team that annoyed me. I very much enjoyed my time raiding in the guild, but unfortunately it was short lived, as the raid leader quit the game shortly after we joined.

He had, however, found another guild of similar values and progression for the whole raid team to join. I joined, but the raid team was too big for my taste. In addition, they raided three times a week four hours at a time, which was not something I was willing to commit to. My maximum was twice a week three hours at a time. My partner and I did, however, form a mythic+ group with some old guildmates and ran mythic dungeons for a good while, which was fun, too.

Eventually I took a break, which ended up lasting over a year.

That break ended about a month ago, when I resubscribed to the game for half a year and purchased Battle for Azeroth soon after.

I had a lot to do, so I got started with the Broken Shore. Once I was finished with the Broken Shore storyline, I headed to Argus. Every now and then I got around to finishing up some old stuff as well as leveling my professions etc.

I created a new demon hunter, Renwyn, as it had been over a year since I had done the demon hunter starting quests and I had no memory of them. I didn't feel particularly inspired about my first demon hunter, either. I geared up Renwyn pretty fast, and soon after I made another new alt, a nightborne mage called Andaryn. I've leveled her super fast. She sits at level 101 as we speak, higher up when this post sees the light of day. I've also made the decision to finish my Loremaster achievements while leveling some new alts. It makes the leveling experience a lot more interesting, as I can pick a few fitting zones for each alt to quest through.

I have no idea what my plans are for Battle for Azeroth, but I will take it as it comes and just try to enjoy myself.


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