Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Strange ads (bad humour warning)

Here's a little something to once again represent my horrible sense of humour. I get shown advertisements in my email - those ads by a well-known search engine super site that are pretty much everywhere.

Today, while writing an email to a dear person and WoW friend, I had the following ads: "Usable ERP", "100% web-based ERP."

Why I found this funny is because we've been discussing some guild issues via email, some of it involving ERP. After all that we've also began to joke about it, so the abbreviation has made several other appearances in our emails. I wonder why this keyword was chosen for my advertisements, since there are many, many others to choose from, too!

In fact I intend to talk about ERP (as in erotic roleplay) more sometime in the future as it's come up in so many occasions recently.


  1. The report begins with the definition of ERP and its key characteristics followed by its historical evolution and framework.

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    1. Yes, definitely a different definition for the ERP in the ads. Just a nice choice of keyword.