Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Another shot at the W that isn't warlock

The story of the warrior and I isn't very glorious. Once upon a time I made one, a night elf warrior whom I levelled up to 48 as protection, tanking dungeons for Lanfranco, who healed on his holy paladin that in fact made his way to level 85. I, however, got very bored of my elven warrior called Uma, who serves as my banker today. Not the most glamorous job in the world, should I say.

For long, the only class of the 'classy' guild achievement for human that Menagerie needs has been warrior. That until 5.0.4, when monk was also introduced to the list. Since I have a hard time just doing things with max level characters, I usually need to have a leveling project going on at the same time. It could very well be a part of my Cataclysm burnout, too. Anyway, with those thoughts in my mind I welcomed Aleksej to my personal menagerie.

Aleksej ['ah-lek-say] Bosko (yeah Lan, it's Bosko with a k, not with a c!) may as well be an incarnation of Vladan from when he was still alive. The two share an aggressive, short-tempered warriorish nature, and even hair colour (back when Vlad was alive, again). Ever since Vladan I've felt drawn to Slavic names, and Aleksej - that's ['ah-lek-say] - Bosko is no exception. According to behindthename.com, my number one source of character names, the history behind the name Aleksej ['ah-lek-say], the Slovene form of Alexis, is the following:
"From the Greek name Αλεξις (Alexis), which meant "helper" or "defender", derived from Greek αλεξω (alexo) "to defend, to help". This was the name of a 3rd-century BC Greek comic poet, and also of several saints. It is used somewhat interchangeably with the related name Αλεξιος or Alexius, borne by five Byzantine emperors."

I have no idea whether I will like the class any better now than I did before. I certainly hope I do, because I've really began to like the name! Since the character is still so low level, there's no cool gear available, I refuse to use model viewer things to introduce my characters, and items such as shirts that don't require a certain level to equip don't really represent the character so well, I'll post a picture of Alek ['ah-lek... oh wait] later on.

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