Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Breakfast Topic: Which playable race would you like to see come to WoW?

Here I present you with my thoughts regarding the WoW Insider breakfast topic "Which playable race would you like to see come to WoW?", asked by Elizabeth Harper. Recently I have felt like I haven't had all that much to say, so this'll probably end up being a short post, too.

Since I'm from the north, I've always felt that Northrend was my place on Azeroth. I'm very much at home there, and the Storm Peaks chose itself as my favorite zone in the game by giving me the Time-Lost Proto-Drake whilst I was digging, and the polar bear mount the first time I did the daily quest. Due to my nordic identity, I would really like to see vrykul as playable race. Whether it's been in Skyrim or Tyria, I've always chosen the nordic race. Another nordic race I could be happy with would be the tuskarr.

Ever since I met the Klaxxi for the first time, I've loved mantid. The mantid and I share a very good taste in music. I would totally make a mantid warrior if I was able to.

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