Monday, 7 May 2012

She's the one

She is it; the apple of my eye. The one I share most memories with. The one who had to suffer the most from me being a nabcake. The one who completed epic quest chains for her totems. The one who has been ele-f**king-mental since level 10. The one who once won a shield drop from the Shade of Eranikus. The one who was stuck at level 70 due to me not having bought Wrath of the Lich King yet. The one who feared, and overcame the fear of getting lost in Blackrock Depths. The one I chose for a Recruit-a-Friend mount reward without any hesitation. The one whose guild master title is Hex Machine. The greatest heroine of my world (of warcraft) - she is Nicasia.

A fun fact I could mention is that I named her Nicasia before I knew the meaning of the name. It seemed to please my eye and my ear. However, I later heard that the meaning of the name Nicasia is 'triumphant woman', which definitely fits her well.

She has been my main character for nearly two years now. She's my primary raiding character and the one to get all the achievements and collectibles. In chronological order she was my third character, the previous spots taken by my very first character, a night elf warrior, who I levelled to... what, level 3 or 5? Then there was my vanilla content explorer, a human rogue who got to level 60. Then there was Nica. And it would be a disgrace if she didn't get to star the first character introduction post.

As a personality Nicasia relies more on heart than brain. She tends to make impulsive choices, acts a bit hot-headed at times and may appear reckless. She is easily overtaken by bloodlust and feels very natural in her ghost wolf form, taking advantage of her primitive nature. Being a shaman, though, she can easily fall into a dream-like state of meditation, which may bring out very different kind of sides of her.

She was orphaned at a very young age and the only memories she has of her parents are the dreams she's had of them. She bears the title of Stormcaller. Nicasia's morality might appear questionable to some at times and she usually likes to keep her reasons to herself.

Although I have spent a lot of time with Nica (about 185 days), there is still much I don't know about her. I feel something great awaits her in the future.

Her being my main character, I also have a lot of OOC goals for her. Those include getting more achievements, as I like to have one character whose achievements are a collection of my adventures in the game. Currently I am working on the Loremaster meta achievement, for example. Of course I try to be as helpful as possible in raids and all that stuff. I'm also trying to get a variety of legendary weapons, mainly Dragonwrath (currently I am at the stage of collecting the first type of cinders), and Sulfuras at the moment.

Because of all the voice chatting in raids, I go by Nica more than my real name. That's why it felt natural to blog under that name as well.


  1. So nice to hear about Nica from the person that knows her the best. You can TELL alot awaits her. Love your style and great into :)

    1. Didn't realise there was a reply button here! What I meant to say was: Thank you lovely person <3