Thursday, 17 May 2012

You might not remember me, but... Part I (warning: might be boring)

Something a bit alternative inc.

This post I dedicate entirely to people who have been a part of my WoW experience in one way or another. Some of them more essentially, some just made a brief appearance - the main thing is that I still remember them today. So, to honor the memory they left me, I took a moment to think about the person. My plan was to also visit some places that reminded me of them, but since I am not able to log on WoW (long story short, tried to log in in another country and account got locked, need to wait for serial number) I am not able to do that now. I'll visit those places in my mind though.

I'm pretty sure I could stuff many people into this post, so to prevent it from getting too confusing, I'll write multiple parts.

1. First off we have someone who I know nothing about. I remember him from the days I spent on my first rogue. I was a complete noob and he was nice to me despite that. I think we had a short RP moment in Goldshire..? I'm not even sure about this, but I think he was a male night elf death knight. I suppose I should search for him on Armory. Regardless, I have a memory of him and I can still find the character on my friend list.

2. The next person is someone I first met in Gnomeregan while levelling Nicasia. The human paladin actually took the time and effort to use capital letters in his text; something that always impresses me (although it can seem a bit arrogant, too, with a dot in the end, but hey, that's a different story now.) We did a few dungeons together and afterwards stayed in Razorfen Kraul to talk. There, before Charlga Razorflank's throne, we sat at a campfire and talked until we agreed about real ID friendship.
Although there have been more and less difficult times, we've remained friends to this day and I am glad about it.

3. The first time I encountered this person was when he overheard a couple of friends and me critisising the United States. It's a bit difficult for me to write about him, because by the time I heard the truth about some things, it was already too late to do anything about it. Also, I don't want these people to be too regocnisable, so I can't mention some essential things about him. The main thing is, though, that I have some good memories of him, for example hunting rarespawns in Northrend and some long conversations.
Sadly we are no longer in touch and I don't know how he is doing.

4. One night in early Cataclysm I was standing around in Stormwind. I got a whisper to make a raid group with someone who wanted to do Molten Core. I always say yes to these things if possible, so I did that time as well. He asked if I wanted to talk about something while he does Molten Core, which sounded alright to me. And when we talked, we did mention fruit and porn in the same sentence. Hmm.
We ended up doing AQ40 together right after and talked more. By the time we had finished doing that, I knew I wanted to befriend that guy. Lots and lots has happened since then, but we're still friends.

5. Again in early Cataclysm. I was quite well geared for someone who hadn't raided current content yet, so I could easily get picked as a pug person for guild runs. This happened for the Conclaive of Wind. The raid itself wasn't particularly successful, no bosses were downed that night, but there was a person there who I still remember to this day.
He was a paladin tank, whose character's name described his hair colour. Well, the character's at least. Some time after the raid, he /waved at me in Stormwind. That made me happy. I didn't think he'd remember me, but he did.

More social nostalgia will be featured in part II.

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