Saturday, 15 June 2013

Happy news

I have finally got my good PC back. And that's not all! After getting a new fan, it runs WoW and other games a lot more smoothly than it did before - the same way as it did when I got it. No driver update or registry cleaning could match that, and it really made me understand how much effect the fan has on PC performance. I've been quite busy playing WoW and other games, namely Dishonored and D&D Neverwinter beta, so I haven't got back into blogging yet, but I was happy to sign up for next week's raids.

I also took advantage of the service sale that ended on the 10th of June. I threw my warrior Aleksej, my monk Dragomirov, my hunter Milkajelen and my rogue Desrosiers over to Argent Dawn. I had been considering such for a good while, and the sale was just what I needed to make the move, which really had two major factors behind it. For one, I wanted to roleplay those characters more and did not get the chance to do that on Moonglade. Second, I had run out of character slots on Moonglade, so I can now level more alts there. My main and guild still reside on Moonglade, so it's definitely my home realm, but I'm also getting used to dividing my time between the two servers. Life on Argent Dawn is a lot to get used to: high population and (E!)RP everywhere.

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