Friday, 1 June 2012

I am here, in the shadows

Okay, he's not a protoss stalker, but quite as cool otherwise.

Being a rogue, he's not just a stereotypical Forsaken, but also a stereotypical rogue as a thug dressed in a ragged, dark outfit. And that's not all! He's also a stereotypical thug *cough* with a hint of Italian in his name.

Meet Ancelot.

Well, he's not very sociable. And that reminds me, his personality is stereotypical, too. Ancelot de Luca is a silent and grumpy rogue, a lone wolf. There is something in particular that he despises - water. Whether it is in a sea, a river or a bathtub, it's a major no-no for Ancie. His weak spot is leaving people in trouble. In other words, he feels obligated about helping people, even if he didn't know them personally. Enough is always enough though; Ancelot has his limits, too. And if the timing is particularly unfortunate, he may even act completely heartlessly.

He is indeed my fourth rogue. In addition to him I have my second character ever, a 60 human rogue, an 85 human rogue whom I quite like as a character, and a lowbie mechanic rogue with a crazy name (who has since got deleted, sadly. It just wasn't the time for him yet, despite me really loving the idea of that character). I admit that's a lot of characters for a class that I'm not even particularly good at. Not the worst, but not that great. But I love how rogues have so many RP possibilities, or maybe I am just particularly inspired about them.

Some time ago in the 20-24 bracket of Warsong Gulch the Horde line up consisted of eight rogues. Eight out of ten. I was one of them. The Alliance had five rogues. That was a very stealthy WSG, 80% of the damage was probably done with Ambush. I wonder how much time the other classes spent sapped.

P.S. Grendella is much missed.
P.P.S. No cool gear available for photoshoot, since he's only level 37 at the moment.


  1. Grendella shall return! She is a bit scared by level 37 rogues and upset that she was left forsaken *ahem* to adventure in such a new place... But she's angry and strong at the moment and keen to build warrior skills... who ever wanted to be a human farm girl forever anyway?