Friday, 1 June 2012

A request for Blizzard, feat. blog news

I'm pretty sure game masters have always got a lot of tickets from people who have accidentally (or purposely, who knows, could be a form of masochism) vendored or deleted an item they actually wanted to keep.

Now we have the item restoration service, which is pretty handy, although I always prefer dealing with real humans rather than robots and computers. They tend to mess things up. However, I was too ashamed of my recent issue to contact a game master and talk about it. Therefore I am kindly requesting that Blizzard makes a Sent my heirlooms from banker Fghfghfghj to new banker and never took them out of her mail, leading to a situation where the items were returned to a non-existant bank character restoration service.

Until then poor Luciferias needs to work hard on his light-swinging skills. It's strange how we adapt though - on Argent Dawn Horde I'm totally fine with levelling without heirlooms, simply because it's my first character on that realm. On Moonglade Alliance, my main base, I think: "I don't have to do this anymore, with all the ninjas who need on armour which they can't even wear."

I was also supposed to say something about GGNica (I like how that also sounds like 'good game Nica', hihihihih), the blog, generally. The story of Vlad will continue, but part IV most likely won't be posted within the next couple of days. I need a moment to gather more ideas regarding details. At the moment I find W.A.S.P. a great source of inspiration for the story. I recommend listening to them to both of my two readers.

Also, has anyone else noticed that the ending of the my blog's URL has changed from .com to .fi? /gasp My national identity isn't secret anymore! Maybe it's just me...? But anyway, the favicon appears to have updated itself, so enjoy the shamanism on your browser.

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