Friday, 15 June 2012

Mists of Pandaria beta randomness

SPOILUR ALUURRRT! Even moar Pandaria stuffs!

Good day to you!

I'm at the point of being really jaded with the Cataclysm content. I'm not looking forward to the weekly Dragon Soul run, but I'd rather level to 90, even though that means losing all the epics I've worked hard for. I didn't feel this way when Cataclysm came out, but I hoped that it would still be WotLK for another year at least. I feel so restless! I keep thinking of alts and what I could do to keep myself interested in the current state of the game. Blizzard really should have added some new content in the last patch of Cataclysm, Ruby Sanctum style. WotLK is still my favorite expansion overall, it was just simply made for me.

Once again, I've found Mists of Pandaria beta a good place to sink my time into. I have been doing some beta exploration. This time, however, it doesn't really make a complete story, so it goes under the random category. I visited Scholomance, but couldn't get past the Lilian Voss fight, because I bugged it. I only used judgement to damage her, to ensure I wouldn't one-shot the encounter. I experienced all three phases and everything went normally, but it still bugged and Lilian's invulnerable soul just kept following me around and punching me.

The ice dealt 50,000 damage every... second, I assume.

The spellbook and the paladin trainer confused me, not to mention Jukurtti the beta paladin, a little.

How do you train me?

Poor Simsaario's gear was all red (both intellect and agility sets!) from his rough journey to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Yet I dragged the druid for another adventure.



Asd II.

2,500g without any reputation.

I like that chest piece! I hope there will be a way to obtain one.

When I entered the area above, I saw pandaren running around a yellow grassy spot. They faded away very quickly. Perhaps it's a phased place. The war serpents in the shot did the same thing as the pandaren. I just love how the one on the sky moved, so peaceful, as if it was just taking a swim in the air.

Now this must be a raid, it looks so badass. Some level 90 mobs, some elite ones, surrounded it. The entrance said nothing when I tried to run in.

A closer look at the Sha of Anger. I pulled him just to try it. He one shot me, then disappeared and spawned in a different location. /tar Sha of Anger worked from afar. He appears to be a world boss.

A level 90 monk's equipment.

I bet that name is going to change!


I want a face scarf thing like that.

What the...?

I actually had something in common with those things. I could very much relate to their spellcast 'Consume Sprite'. It's my favorite lemonade.

Now I've been to every zone in Pandaria. Kun-Lai Summit and Valley of the Four Winds are definitely my favorites based on looks. Mmmm.

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