Thursday, 19 July 2012

My nerdy turn-offs

Do you relate to any of these?

Latency talk
A superiority complex ultimatum of the kind of nerdism that ruins the nerdy reputation of others. When it kicks off, it brings out everyone's most irritating sides. And it happens a kazillion times more often than framerate talk, which I think I find slightly less tarded. My latency is lower than your latency! I pay more for my internet than you do for yours! Oh shut the duck up already. You'll all still blame lag spikes when you die to Smoldering Devastation.

Subtly requesting invitation to something on public chat
Imagine there's someone advertising a raid that isn't regularly run anymore, for example Ruby Sanctum. They're sending "LFM Ruby Sanctum" messages to trade chat (because they don't know the Looking For Group channel exists). Then, instead of whispering the person that's running the raid, someone says "LFG to Ruby Sanctum" as if it was something as regular as a request to join a Baradin Hold group. I can't comprehend this and it annoys the living corehound leavings out of me.

Claiming Ultraxion doesn't play fair
Heroic Will is never on cooldown when you actually need it, assuming you don't just use it at random times.

... & -.- & -_-
When these are used alone, they give an impression of a "I'm better than you" attitude without bothering to really explain anything, just "sigh, you noobs." Even if they weren't directed at me, I can never stay silent when I see those.

Duo-tanking with someone who...
...thinks they are superb compared to you, taunt everything off of you and make stupid and life-threatening decisions just because they want to tank things. Not only it makes me feel useless, but also extremely bored. Luckily I only encounter these on LFR, since I rarely pug raids anymore.

People who can't get over the thought of pandas
Yep. Basically people who only think MoP will suck arse because pandas are coming to WoW and therefore ignore all the other things and improvements. Was Cataclysm all about worgen and goblins? Of course not, and you got perfectly used to them. Dogs are just as cute and cuddly as pandas are, so please, do get over it.

Cursed Gilnean /flirting to me in worgen form
It makes me feel like a freak. I love dogs, but not that way.

wtf/omg *insert role or class*
Something that certainly states one is a retard.


  1. Some of them do. I haven't really come across the lag-superiority conversation. I'm usually the one complaining of lag.

    Yeah I was thinking about that LFG in trade thingy... it doesn't worry me that they use trade. But the LFG post really annoyed me too. I thought they were just too freaking lazy or wanted people to choose them to make them appeare oh so awesome... but then I remember I had actually done a similar kind of thing - because I had logged over to an alt to join a pug and had forgotten the name I was supposed to /w.

    Yes! '...' and those things drive me crazy too!

    Let other tank die due to too many Crush Armour debuffs :D

    Yeah I'm slowly getting used to pandas in WoW's universe. As for improvements, to me, loss of crusador aura is devastating!

    May the Light provide Paladins with something else annoying to do during raid buffs.

    Hmm I shall look up worgen flirting, and I'm glad I have never type the last one!

    1. Hello there Mr Anonymous, my only commenter!

      Yeah it's understandable when you log over and forget the name, but in those situations I've usually seen "Who was looking for people to **?" questions. Sometimes it's just obvious the people want to feel more important and wanted, or are just too proud (in a stupid way) to ask for an invitation.

      You'll still have crusader aura, just as a passive ability so only you'll be benefitting and suffering from it :) I'm pretty sure we'll figure out something annoying together, I wouldn't worry if I were you.

      wtf tank idot paly

      See you soon :*