Monday, 9 July 2012

Recent beta discoveries

Please don't proceed if you want no spoilers of Mists of Pandaria.

I find myself spending more and more time in the beta, because a) I'm jaded with Cataclysm and want Mists of Pandaria, b) when I feel lonely on real WoW, I go to beta, and vice versa. I do hope the beta posts aren't getting boring. I try to add something fresh every time!

As stated here, the Jade Forest is currently offline and all characters who enter the zone are teleported away from 'no man's land'. That was the zone I have explored the least in the whole Pandaria, but apparently it will get some improvements and changes. Let us hope they'll be good. I have seen lots of comments about disconnecting questlines. I am personally not leveling on the beta, because I know I'd get fond of the character. Also, I don't want to see too much. I want the questlines to be all new and exciting when I first do them with Nicasia. I really want to do something else for a change, but I must resist the temptation of leveling.

A while ago I streamed the fight animations of human and blood elf paladins to a friend, who thought they looked awesome - that made me hopeful that I'll like the human one, too. If you don't have Mists of Pandaria beta and you'd like to see something, let me know. It can be arranged via livestream.

The following discoveries consist of a few separate visits to the beta. Two of them were together with Lanfranco. (I didn't ask his permission to mention character name here! I hope he doesn't have anything against it. He's also the handsome paladin on the background image.)

I have very little idea what's going on in the first three shots.

Wands are a new type of main-hand?

Glyph of Foul Menagerie.

Glyph of the Geist.

Glyph of Horn of Winter. I am so getting this - looove snow and frosty things. HoW now lasts 5 minutes instead of 2 or 3.

Corpse go boom.


A rare!

A world boss, Galleon.

Something wrong with the chair.


Stormstout Brewery.

Stormstout Brewery.

Capturing a lightning on a screenshot is just as difficult as it is on a picture.

I don't want to kill her, I want to help her!

Last but definitely not least, there's a story of me logging in one day. I had logged out on this rocket mount, so I also logged in on it. And what did I see? I saw a whole new UI and an action bar with two abilities on it: Rocket Radio and Shoot. None of this would appear if I just mounted the rocket normally - I had to log on it to get it. And yes, I'm swapping between prepositions, because I don't know which one I should use.

It's awesome!


  1. What?? I've been mentioned in this bloooog????

    \o/ Woohoooo! And why thanks I am rather handsome I must admit.

    I too am fighting the urge to explore Pandaria more. I'd like to experience it as all knew and trust that it will be coool without my personal suggestions to Blizz! I'm sure it will be - if they change Templar's Verdict animation from a ballerina's spin!- ahem!

    But it was certainly fun exploring Pandaria with the Hex Machine :)

    Yours Misteriously,

    That handsome paladin

  2. You've been mentioned and there are even screenshots of you :* Not to mention you're over there ----------------------->

    I'm sure it'll be cool, as it is cool in beta and it's still improving. I have a minor reason why I don't like the fact that one item slot is removed but but. And TV is not a ballerina spin, CS is a little bit! TV is a brutal raaaaawr! There's already a ballerina spin, at least for protection, when something procs at the same time with something.

    We'll explore it more, oh mysterious handsome paladin! *makes a fainting gesture*