Thursday, 17 January 2013

20 Days of WoW blogging #8

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Day 8 – 10 things we don’t know about you

1. My thumbs look completely different. They are different size and shape. The right one resembles my father's thumb, while the left one is more like my mother's.

2. One single hair grows in the middle of my forehead.

3. I'm a supporter of the Green League of Finland.

4. The first game I really played was Loderunner: The Legend Returns, the Sierra re-release from 1994, I think. A Lion King one and Quake II followed shortly.

5. I cast my first ever official vote in favor of a homosexual person. I wanted him as my president.

6. I tend to find racial/national jokes funny. I am not a racist. Feel free to joke about my skin colour or mock my country of origin!

7. I spend a ton of time watching people play games. My personal favorite YouTube video makers/streamers include Lucikka, AdrineX, RandomDR and MrJallu101. I follow a bunch of others, too.

8. I work as a freelance writer. In the future I wish to work around music, games or writing - preferably all three.

9. As a kid I loved dinosaurs. I was crazy about them. I could have sworn to become an archaeologist.

10. I once asked a psychic person about reincarnation. He said he could see two previous lives: one as a pioneer in North-America, eventually violently killed by native Americans, and another as a soldier in a submarine during the second world war.

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