Saturday, 19 January 2013

So apparently they have buffed something for once

The cannons at Domination Point used to tickle at their best, but now they appear to be a tiny bit more potent. This pleases me greatly. I love it when there is something I should fear, something I really want to avoid.

This is a rambling post about mixed subjects, mostly achievements that I and we have been up to of late. First off I will present you with the Darkmoon Rabbit one, That Rabbit's Dynamite! - a smooth midday kill.

On Wednesday we got around to doing the achievement involving Elegon trash in Mogu'shan Vaults. To do the achievement you must have a warden throw you, and anyone else that desires to get the achievement, through the rings aloft the pit. Stand on the control device that Lorewalker Cho stares at before talked to and face the mob towards the giant hole in the floor.

A very annoying part of my WoW life is the need to have a leveling project. I quite enjoy leveling, particularly classes that I haven't played that much before, but it's frustrating when trying to find time for daily chores and alts who are in desperate need of gear. Regardless, I made my warrior Aleksej (comrade Aleksej!) blonde and spent a pretty penny on guild vendor heirlooms to make the journey smoother. After changing his spec from protection to arms I queued for Warsong Gulch, and after playing an arms warrior for the first time in my life, I have a good feeling about it when it comes to PvP. Alek may just be the one to bring my PvP inspiration back, but it's too early to say yet.

Last, and also least in a way when it comes to achievements, but definitely not least when it comes to other aspects of the game, I have a screenshot of an awesome raft party in Krasarang Wilds.

Lanfranco the naga.

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