Wednesday, 22 August 2012

From the archives

I thought I'd share some old screenshots. I've been going through them in order to find certain ones for the 15 Days of Screenshots challenge, but I haven't yet managed to find those. Instead I've found everything else - I didn't even remember some of these shots existed. Here are some that I liked coming across.

This one is from Wrath of the Lich King time. My friend and I visited Thunder Bluff just to mess around and have a good time. We attracted two orcs of whom the other one has forever shaped my idea of orc warriors. After a long RP style walk/backpeddling retreat, they finally attacked us. I've censored my horrible UI for greater good.

The last moments of Wrath of the Lich King here. I wanted to make sure I was the last person to kill the low level Gamon on Defias Brotherhood EU, and I was. Again horrible UI is censored.

I never played back when all battlegrounds were server-specific, although I really wish I had. It would give a whole new meaning and feeling to PvP. Wintergrasp and Tol Barad aren't really comparable with that.
This shot was taken in Cataclysm, probably approaching mid-expansion already. One time in Alterac Valley someone summoned Lokholar the Ice Lord. That was definitely the most epic AV battle I've ever experienced. Factions were pushing each other to opposite directions, the Horde nearly reaching Vanndar a couple of times (with the elemental), then the elemental got killed and we pushed them back again. It was amazing, and the only time I've ever met the ice lord.

Now this is from Tol Barad Peninsula with Lanfranco, the paladin in the background pic. I really like the feeling in the shot. Too bad it was taken on my old crappy PC, so it has bad graphics. Lan's nameplate is a bit disturbing, too. I'd like to redo the shot sometimes, now with good graphics and without nameplates.

This is all for now, I'll post more if I encounter some that don't require too much censorship!

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