Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Monastery madness

It's been almost an hour since I began my Scarlet Monastery runs with Nica in utmost hurry. My plan was to use all the remaining time wisely, since I still want the Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade for three characters. I have lived happily in the belief that the dungeons won't be updated until MoP release, but I was wrong. In this article it is said that Scarlet Monastery, Ragefire Chasm and Scholomance are already getting their revamps. That's very bad news for me, since I've also found out that the five instances per hour limit is account wide. I didn't know about it before. /cry

I knew I shouldn't have waited this long with the farm, argh. Now, as I'm not even aware of when the servers will go offline, I'm thinking of dropping Nica off the tabard farming list. The Scarlet Crusade has nothing to do with her lore; I only want it for her because she is my main and I like to collect things. However it's very essential for Angelus, and fairly essential for Vladan. Raleigh already has the tabard - good memories from that farm.

Please, PLEASE keep your thumbs up for me now!

Edit 2:29 AM: Since the servers are going offline for 12 whole hours at 3 am (server time, GMT+1), I only get one more set of 5 runs. They will be done with Nica. Yes, she's the one who has nothing to do with the Crusade - but I feel it's the right thing to do.

Other than that I can just wish that Blizzard decides to make some (possibly non-reputation) tabards account-wide one day. I have an extra Scarlet tabard on a night elf warrior that currently serves as my banker, as I'm not at all inspired to play that character.

Edit 3:24 AM: Nicasia got her tabard! This makes me a happy little ghost wolf. It was the thirteenth run, and I have time for two more. I have yet to decide what they are.

Here's some footage of Nica and her faithful companion Reth'rek first looting the tabard, and then shining with it in the Monastery.

Edit 3:40 AM: Heh, okay. My decision might have been a bit silly, but I decided to go into the cathedral section with Angelus. As the whole idea for the character itself was inspired by Sally Whitemane's famous hat, Whitemane's Chapeau, it's always been my plan to include it in his default transmog set. It's quite certain that the Chapeau will have the same looks in MoP (although I am just a wee bit worried about this), I wanted it to say "transmogrified into Whitemane's Chapeau" on the item, instead of "transmogrified into Whitemane's Embroidered Chapeau."

Well, I got no chapeau on those two runs that I had time for. I'll have to settle for embroidery. This also means no Scarlet tabard for Vladan or Angelus, who certainly would have been more awesome with their tabards, but I can't have everything. Regardless of that, I know what they have and haven't done in their past and that will do for now.

Other than that I spent the last seconds with Nica just throwing my last oldschool totems around. I'll definitely miss being an arctic wolf, too. I've had the glyph since the day it came out, and I've been very happy with it.