Friday, 31 August 2012

Through Your Interface: 15 Days of Screenshots #8

See Saz's blog for more information regarding the challenge!

8. Vacation spot
If Azeroth was the real world, where would you vacation to?

I've already mentioned in a previous post that I'd go to Grizzly Hills, but I'm not going to repeat that. Currently, as the summer is ending in the country I live in, I'm looking forward to the winter, particularly the start of it when the grass is still green but frosty, and little rocks stick to the ground and stepping on them makes a different, icier sound. The air is fresh but it isn't particularly cold, just below zero perhaps. This is why I chose Borean Tundra, and the shot itself is from Valiance Keep. I like the atmosphere there. Although I'm not a fan of water at all, I like the presence of the sea.


  1. Borean Tundra reminds me of Åland quite a bit. :) I'm personally NOT a fan of the zone, mainly because it's just so incredibly boring to quest in, but I can see the charms.

    1. True, there are similarities when adjusted to a Finnish point of view. :) Although going to Åland was always "going somewhere warmer with water and ticks" for me. :D Even though I'm not from Lapland or anything.

      There's something special about Borean Tundra for me. I guess it's the fact that it was the first zone I saw when first going to Northrend after getting WotLK at level 70, and it was just amazing! With the mammoths and all.