Wednesday, 19 December 2012

20 Days of WoW blogging #7

I am skipping day six until I have cleaned up my desk. It looks utterly horrible as it is.

Check out Spellbound to learn more about the challenge!

Day 7 – The reason behind your blog’s name

Adventures of the Hex Machine is what I've began to call my shenanigans on WoW. Hex Machine was initially (and still is) my guild master title in Menagerie, along with Lanfranco's Lightswinger and Kinsey's Shapeshifter - while I think Doomkin would be more appropriate. When we formed the guild, I ended up as the official guild master with all the rights, but I wanted to make sure that my partners in crime felt they were just as much guild masters as I was, so I suggested unique ranks for all three of us.

Hexxing is serious business. Once upon a time, when the first heroics of Cataclysm weren't yet tuned for incompetent gamers, we were in Throne of the Tides to complete Old Faithful for Glory of the Cataclysm Hero. We didn't realise the add wouldn't go from full health to zero upon getting hit by the geyser, so we had to do it on the second round with a new add. Our healer was already out of mana and struggling to keep us alive, so our tank (welcome back to WoW! \o/) ended up dying just before the naga was to be shot up in the air with the power of pure (?) water. With the tank dead, the minion would attack other group members, so without really thinking even for a second, I hexxed the add in the geyser. And we got our achievement. That is just one example why I justly claim the title of the Hex Machine!

As for the Adventures, well, 'adventures' is a nice word that fits the fantasy theme of WoW and my way of experiencing the game. I end up in strange and unexpected situations without planning them. I try to keep my mind open for everything and everyone, and find that tactic rewarding. Obviously Adventures of the Hex Machine is a self-ironic blog name, and when it comes to the Hex Machine herself, she is definitely an anti-heroine.

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