Thursday, December 20, 2012


Her loud moan sounded more or less deliberate. It was followed by a long sigh that slowly emptied her lungs as a pair of strong hands made their way close to her neck and to the small of her back again, sliding along the oiled skin with little resistance. Her skin was painted by the sun of Tanaris, where she had spent the past few days running after peculiar relics and ancient artifacts. "Presumably the Explorer's League has no interest in co-operating with us", she had told him. "Sodding hellbent dwarves."

The hands, steadily tending to the strained body, suddenly ascended from the warm surface. She raised her head, scrabbled long, shiny tresses away from her face and looked at him expectantly.

- We're finished for today, missus Longwood, a deep, soft voice declared.

- Already? The dark-haired woman turned around on the padded table, loosely holding a white towel against her bare chest. She raised her eyebrows and shaped her facial expression into a playful pout. - I was just getting comfortable.

Without granting her a glance, he picked up a thin, golden ring and slid it around his finger with ease.

- Your shoulders are sunburned. Keep them covered for a couple of days.

She weaved into her off-white linen dress and kept him closely in her sight as she walked up to him.

- Until tomorrow, mister Drrragomirov, she purred and allowed her hand to slowly slide along his shaved chest as she slipped her delicate figure through the small opening between the door and the wall. His eyes followed her trail, but as soon as she disappeared from his sight, he turned away and sighed, out of both frustration and relief.

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