Friday, December 21, 2012

Blue things

Blue is the dragon, blue is the mog.
A while ago I mentioned how I've got into pet battles and that my goal was to catch a rare quality Nether Faerie Dragon. I am proud to let everyone know that tonight I completed my mission! After battling around ten-ish or so little blue dragonkin, I found a rare one. Wilba in fact managed to not crit-kill it - that was a nice change! I was thrilled. In result, I finally got my very own blue cutie. She received the name Indiga, inspired by indigo. Boy, do I love the colour blue!

Bad news of the day is that yet another roleplaying buddy of mine is leaving Moonglade. To be on Argent Dawn. Where the bloody else. Not only is Raleigh losing his possible wife-to-be, but I'm losing fifty percent of the semi-regular RP company that I have on Moonglade. She has requested me to move to Argent Dawn with her, at least with my paladin. I'd be delighted to throw a character or two over to AD, but my paladin's name is already taken on that server and I couldn't imagine naming him anything else but Raleigh. But, just in case, I have reserved the name of my main and a couple of other characters on AD. Just in case. However, for as long as my guild stands, I am not going anywhere from Moonglade, for the guild and the people in it are worth tons more than any amount of roleplay.

Still, my Moonglade burnout isn't getting any better. /sigh


  1. Just wanted to say GRATZ on your rare quality Nether Faerie Dragon. It took me a good 30 plus minutes to find a blue.

    1. Thanks much Starre! :) I was kind of surprised how easily I found one as well!