Monday, 31 December 2012

New year's resolutions for WoW

It would certainly be beneficial if I promised to do dailies every single day, cap valor points on every level 90 character I have each week (6000 valor points! Wrathion, please. It may be my main, but still.), run all necessary LFRs on each alt to finally gear them up... But let's face it - I am incredibly lazy. I know I wouldn't stick to that, simply because I sadly don't hold it in such importance, so it would be pointless to even pretend I promised that. But to ease the burden, I do promise not to bring other leveling projects to higher levels for a while now. Let us see how long that promise holds.

My original goal was to get all available reputations to exalted before patch 5.1 hit. That didn't work out, so I extended my deadline up to 5.2. Will about two months be enough for a rather lazy individual like me? We'll see, but I'll be happy if I get a couple of them close to exalted. Klaxxi and Operation: Shieldwall are looking pretty good at the moment. The rest are, well... In more or less questionable states.

I talk about our guild here quite a bit. It's important to me, it's our baby. I also care about the members, and bonding with people through raids is a rewarding experience, which is why I promise to try to recognise any issues within the guild and make effort to fix them as swiftly as possible. I'll speed up recruitment if I have to and hire Nica's little helpers to give me a hand with it. The people in the guild give me a lot, and I want to give just as much - and more - back to them. I can't say I haven't felt inadequate recently.

It's been a pretty crazy year in many ways, and I'm glad that I've got such a warm welcome from other WoW bloggers. Again, a big thanks to every single person that ever visits the blog. With these words and thoughts I wish you a fantastic year of 2013. Rock on.


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