Monday, October 1, 2012

85-90 in screenshots - Part I: Stormwind City & The Jade Forest

Most of them feature my UI, but you'll just have to deal with it. I wanted to capture those moments as accurately as possible - not to mention as fast as possible. It's basically my first and therefore most memorable journey from 85 to 90 in the form of screenshots.

Menagerie "base" highlighted. :D

This is where our server froze.

This quest took me/us at least 30 minutes to complete due to server lag.

Loads of gyrocopters!


  1. Sha of ANNNGEERRRRR. :D Six wipes now on him.. her.. it? With different raid groups. ;_;

    It took my boyfriend three hours to finish the gyrocopter quest because he was in the first "wave" of Pandaria-goers on AD. Took me only 27 minutes (I timed, yes) the next day! Now it apparently can be done in five. <<

    1. I haven't had a single wipe on the Sha of Anger and I even got my Firebird gloves from him/her/it! :D The coolest sha is the one in the temple of the jade serpent, though!

      A big difference between AD and MG then, I was also in the first wave on Moonglade. :I But it's a medium populated realm, not as popular as AD.