Monday, 22 October 2012

Thought pilgrimage

I've had a few things in my mind over matters like work and exams, so I think it's about time I presented them here. They're three separate things that have all taken brain space one way or another, some of them being inspiring, some worrying and some just stir paranoia in me. Perhaps all three for each!

I: One of the rogues

First thing is about my 85 rogue, Nikoleta. If you're interested, you can find the link to her Armory page on bottom left of the blog, where all the featured characters are listed. She was the second character that I leveled to maximum level, and I made her a rogue, because I liked my first rogue, but was a complete nabcake when I created her, so it wasn't all that great.
Nikoleta was supposed to be a Wastewalker bandit, but I never got around to RP her or come up with any sort of story for her. She just has a full name, and I know she has hazel eyes. Since mid-Cataclysm she's done nothing but grinded some valor points to buy BoE gear for my other characters and opened lockboxes. One day I got the idea of giving her a makeover of some sort. Make her male, perhaps (not like my character roster isn't full of male humans already), and obviously change the name if I did that. Now I don't even know if I'd play the character any more than I do now if I changed something about it. It's been proven multiple times but it still hasn't got through my thick skull: rogue is a class I really want to play, but it's just not meant for me.
Some months ago I deleted my first ever rogue that was also my first main character. I've had mild feelings of regret about it, since I begin to approve of the idea of paying for a character makeover. I could've made her that rogue I dream of, but can't be arsed to level anymore. Because I really don't enjoy leveling rogues. Yet I keep trying to do so. Gosh.

All in all, I think my fear of getting bored of WoW/my characters is greater than the actual danger of it happening.

II: Giving a voice

This is so very, VERY far in the future that I can barely see it! But still. Wouldn't it be cool? I mean, first I'd need to learn to edit audio properly. Probably get some sort of program, a voice changer, something like that. Most likely loads of programs. But I can dream, right?!
Basically I'd like to create examples of my characters' voices based on my own. Bring life to that unique way each of them speaks, with their own accent and tone of voice that currently only I can hear. I'm in fact quite very interested in voice acting, despite going a bit over my skill level with Ragnaros that one time... But I did Mannoroth, Illidan and Tyrande okay once, it's just that no one was there to hear it.
Inside my head they are so much more than just game characters; I think that's the ultimate reason why I find it so difficult to get tired of them.

III: The other life

Oh, there is one. There is one indeed. The thought of creating a blog about my real life has crossed my mind briefly, but there are so many things to it. The main reason to why my previous blogs sucked and have ceased to exist is that I can't come up with things to write about regarding my life or myself. Now it's true that my life has some happenings in it at the moment, but I'm still not sure if it's anything to write about. There are things I can't quite mention here on the Adventures, but I'm also not sure if I'd like to talk about them anywhere else either. Or if I'd like anyone to read about them.
I already stuff a load of music stuff here, in case you haven't noticed, so there would probably be even more of that in the personal blog if it existed. Gaming would also play a part, I'm sure. And studies. And non-driving. It would certainly be interesting to see how long I can come up with things to cover up my twisted mind! A major question is whether I'd write it in English or in my mother tongue, which is most likely unknown to the majority of this blog's readers.
How does all this sound? I need some help with this one. I don't know what to think about it.


  1. To III, I would read it, whether it would be in Finnish or English. :) In my experience, writing in English makes one focus on quality while writing in Finnish easily drops into nonsensical spam.

    1. ! :) I ended up with English, because a load of my every day contacts don't understand Finnish. But I think I drop into nonsensical spam regardless of language. :D