Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Something old, something new

I hate explaining why I haven't updated in a while! They all sound like excuses for blog boredom, which they certainly aren't. I love the blog, but I've been horribly busy with my studies. I only have one exam to go this week, but a long work task waiting. Hrmph. Nica's valor cap for the week stood at an impressive 150/1000 - surprisingly I'm still one of the best geared people in the guild, with an item level of 471. Pure laziness does pay off, it seems.

This one goes for alts. I'm a real sucker for them and I have too many. Or maybe I've just simply had too much time. I'd like to introduce an older alt, who I was suddenly inspired to play again, and a new soul that's just joined the pack.

I don't need any knights, I don't need any engines of war
I will unleash all my spells, devastating your enemies' walls
But my help isn't free, you made a pact with darkness
Now I want what I need; your astral energy you will give
Don't be afraid; I will never take your soul
Now you are saved but your lifetime will be shorter
(Magic Kingdom - Evil Magician)

Sometimes during the later part of Cataclysm I created a warlock, whom I leveled up to 41 together with Lan's gnome mage. He is known as Sorley Harding, the Harvester, and it's fair to say that I've roleplayed his felhound Bruunam way more than him. He fascinates me, though. At some point I even considered deleting him, because I had absolutely no interest in leveling him. He was spared, because I was too fond of Bruunam. Although I don't hate leveling - and I've never hated it, in fact it's quite nice -, it was cool to "start" at 41 for a change.
Sorley's return must've got his demonic friend Kalna all dizzy, because her summoning disorientation was to last 15 days - along with her invisibility; I'm not sure what that refers to.

Bweath of the Dwago--!
Now, ladies and gentlemen, I present you with my ever so slightly monkish experiment, Jester Dragomirov. It's been noted around the guild that I've sort of made Russian-influenced names my "thing." As much as I'd like to talk about history here, I think it's better left out and just say that I like how they sound, so sexy and brutal! Oh, I might've said too much already.
Shortly put, he's a brewmaster monk that I am currently leveling mostly through quests to get comfortable with the rotation, then I'll hop into a few dungeons. Comrades, have your eyes and ears at the ready, for more in-character information about Jester is coming up in the future. I intend to really experiment with him.

Some time ago I also got Vlad to 90 and since then have geared up his blood spec before frost, although I think I'm supposed to be DPSing in raids! To tell you the truth, though, I'm not liking frost as much as I did in Cataclysm. The new 87 ability, Soul Reaper, feels extremely dull and lame. I tried using it while questing, and hardly had time to pull another mob until the effect had already fallen off. Losing a frost rune (cost varies by spec: blood for blood [rawr!], frost for frost, unholy for unholy) every now and then isn't such a big deal, I know, but still. My dislike for it isn't a surprise, though, because I'm generally not too fussed about execution abilties. Hammer of Wrath is a minor exception, though, I'm not sure why.
Blood, on the other hand... To me blood was extremely enjoyable in Cataclysm, but in Mists it's bloody (...yes) perfect! As blood, Soul Reaper is hardly essential, which adds to its niceness.

My real life alter ego, one that I created over a decade ago, likes to listen to Eros Ramazzotti and knows all the lyrics of the album Stilelibero despite never having studied Italian (yet! Rhapsody speak, I will learn you!).

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