Tuesday, 13 November 2012

20 Days of WoW blogging #1

As I've finally finished Saz's 15 Days of Screenshots challenge, it's time for me to begin a new one. I've settled with a '20 Days of...' challenge introduced by Saga on Spellbound. This time it'll be more about text, which should be fun!

Check out Spellbound to learn more about the challenge!

Let us begin.

Day 1 – Introduce yourself

This first step almost put me off of the challenge in the first place, because generally I like to stay a bit anonymous when it comes to WoW. To a certain extent, at least. That's because anyone could easily type a name of my character's on google, click the search button and find their way into my blog, where they could read exactly who and what I am in real life. I'm not keen on the thought of that at all. Talk about a nice server community! I also consider certain real life acquaintances a threat to my privacy.

Indeed, due to those things, I like to be the variable of the blog, the x of the equation, but not secretive. I'm most open to new contacts and friendships, but I don't want to lay the information out in the open. You shouldn't hesitate to approach me, whatever it is you have in mind!

While keeping my exact identity secret, I can still tell a few things about myself. First of all, I live up north. It's not always cold here, but it does look an awful lot like Northrend in winter time. It's pretty close now and I'm definitely looking forward to it - winter may just be my favorite season. A long, cold winter is a typical stereotype about my country, Finland, but it always seems to pass so quickly. The snowless time lasts much longer. I'm a great animal lover and I have a dog, who is extremely dear to me, and a catfish that is nearly as old as I am - I've lived for about two decades. My dog is a 10-year old German shepherd/Bernese mountain dog mix.

My other great interests are music and gaming. Both have played major parts in my life for many, many years. The first game I played back in the 90s was Loderunner: The Legend Returns. A lot of other games have joined the list since, including Quake II, Age of Empires I & II, The Sims I, II & III (I the most), Minecraft, Amnesia and obviously World of Warcraft, which is my current main game. I have no idea about future additions, but one may just as well be Guild Wars II, since a friend of mine has been asking for GW2 company since last year. However, he still hasn't managed to get the game himself, so I don't know when this will become relevant. It'll also be interesting to hear what Project Titan is about.

When it comes to music, I've pretty much went from random things to dark-themed metal, to heavy metal, to hard rock, to heavy metal again and finally to power metal. My first ever favorite artist was Eros Ramazzotti, who I was a fan of at the age of 7. I still remember all the lyrics of the album Stilelibero, although I've never studied Italian. I'd very much like to, though, because of my current long-term favorite band, Rhapsody of Fire that has its roots in Italy. I was a huge fan of HIM for years, and my most loved band is still Scorpions. I play the drums and also have some knowledge of playing the guitar. I sing for my own amusement.

My attitude towards life is quite positive, I suppose. I try to be as appreciative of things as possible. I try to be thankful for each day I get to spend with my loved ones, and for having food, drink, clean water, a house, a warm bed, a good healthcare, a computer and an internet connection, a healthy body... Everything. I'm not religious. I believe in nature and its power, and that we're all a part of it and should act in a respectful way towards it. I'm a member and supporter of the Finnish Green League. As a personality I'm very stubborn and proud, and often quite silent, anti-social and passive, but it all really depends on the company! Equality is an important value for me.

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