Friday, 16 November 2012

20 Days of WoW blogging #2

I'm sorry for having posted challenge replies only for some days now. I'm having a (momentary, I know) depression regarding writing and I'm very much not inspired to write almost anything at all. It'll pass.

Check out Spellbound to learn more about the challenge!

Day 2 – Why you decided to start a blog

I started my Adventures in the spring of 2012, earlier this year. I really wanted to write a blog again, but didn't want to do so about my real life: I've had those blogs before, and they got really dull after a while, simply because not much interesting stuff happens to me. The subjects I have something to say about aren't ones I want to blog about - at least not at this point of my life. I began to think about a subject that would make a relatively light-hearted blog; something I know how to write about, something I'm interested in, something I actively participate in... It was either music or World of Warcraft, and I ended up with WoW.

I had come across a couple of inspiring WoW blogs a while back, and my previous blogs have always had a lot to do with music, so a gaming one would make a nice difference. I also felt like I wanted to take time for myself to ponder matters related to the game, on a deeper level than what I get to while playing it.

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