Saturday, 17 November 2012

20 Days of WoW blogging #3

Writing depression continues... So a challengin' we go.

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Day 3 – Your first day playing WoW

I can't tell what exactly was my first day playing WoW, but I do recall some of the first experiences I had on the game. My first character ever was a night elf warrior called Riyadh, named randomly after the capital, on Moonglade - the same server that still houses my main, the majority of my characters and my guild. I spawned on Teldrassil, naturally, and a friend (today also co-guild leader of mine) came to me there. She's to blame for my presence in the game. She got me to play it. It's all her fault. We began our trek along the path, where I almost instantly became the victim of a tragic event. Some aggressive mob came and one-shot me. Even the patrolling guards had no chance to help me out. I was very fascinated by the night elf jumps. I think the chance of doing a somersault in the air was lower back then than it is now, or is that just me?

Some time later we adventured into Dun Morogh and settled on a cliff of some sort. My friend was also relatively new to the game. She asked me to jump off the cliff so she could resurrect me, and I did just that. I remember that I didn't die from my first jump due to landing somewhere on the way, but I jumped down again and did manage to die. She came to resurrect me. I also attacked a wolf, which was apparently too high level for me. For a loomless little noob elf a wolf just a couple of levels higher can be most deadly, particularly back in the day.

When I was level 5 (I felt so high level!), my druidic friend took me to Booty Bay and to Ratchet from there. I loved the place! It looked so cool and Arabic. I stayed there after she went offline I had a look at my surroundings. Brewmaster Drohn was a scary high level NPC with a red nameplate! I was foolish enough to attack the level 14 (or something like that that they were back then) giraffes and lions just outside Ratchet, and obviously got killed by them - more than once.

Another very early memory is from my pre-level 10 adventures to Duskwood. I think it must've been near Raven Hill Cemetary that I kept getting ganked by much higher level undead mobs and couldn't get very far from the graveyard. Finally I managed to run away from them. I was doubtful about my will to hit level 10, because I liked the ability to resurrect at spirit healers without penalty, heh. Now that I think of it, it doesn't even make any sense to like that better, but I guess I was very scared of getting lost; being the cursed ghost who couldn't find their corpse.

Sometimes when I run across the path from Northshire Valley to Goldshire, I get a very dejavu-ish feeling, from back when I created my first rogue. In her early 20s, I went through at least two levels solely by killing crabs in Darkshore.


  1. Two levels soley by killing crabs!! Too cuuute! :D

    My favourite early days of WoW was in Duskwood also, as a naive pala in an epic quest against undead to gain some two-handed sword. It was tough! - especially when some kid told me I should put points in my talent tree... bah! I thought, who needs talents! :)

    Also that abomination that spawned and attacked duskwood was really nefarious and exciting. I thought it spawned when someone completed a quest or something - it was awesome!

    1. U R 2 cute

      And talents are for noobs! I think we should, at some point, have a raid with no talents. Let's have all the raiders remove their talents for that raid. Yeah?

      Hihi babycakes <3