Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sigh, game masters

Sometimes I wonder if they even play the game they claim to master. I don't mean to say that they generally don't know what they talk about, or that they aren't helpful - they have provided me with tons and tons of extremely valuable help during the years. I'd just like to share my most recent experience with a European game master.

I'm on a quest to change my account's name to my current email address. I created it on my old email, which I don't use anymore, because it has over 11 000 unread trash messages and it receives dozens of those every day. Oh, the wonders of nearly unlimited storage...
What's blocking me from changing the email address is my secret question. I've been meaning to change it ever since I got my account locked for whatever reason monks months and months ago. I didn't manage to come up with the correct answer for my secret question, nor did I have my WoW serial numbers within my reach at that moment, so I decided to call the customer service. The representative was extremely nice to me. She was, however, unable to help me unlock my account, because I still didn't know the answer to my secret question. She gave me the following hints: it was in Finnish and it was a sentence. A bloody sentence!

After searching for an option to change my secret question without any result, I decided to open a ticket. I was contacted by a game master a couple of days later, and our conversation went something like this:

Game Master: Hello Nicasia! I am game master ***. Do you have a moment to discuss your ticket?
Nicasia: Hello! Yes, I do.
Game Master: Excellent! Unfortunately game masters can't help you with changing your password.
Nicasia: I don't want to change my password, though. I want to change my secret question.
Game Master: Sorry, I meant secret question. Game masters can't help you with that.
Nicasia: Then how do I change it? I've found no option to do that what so ever.
Game Master: I will send a link to the support page to the email you have registered on your account. -- There, I have sent it. Please do contact us, if anything is unclear. It's important to us that your issue is solved.

I went to check my old email in the hope of finally being able to fix those issues about my account that bother me a lot. However, the only thing I found was a link to a general support page with zero mentioning about secret questions what so ever.
The latest information I have found by researching is that Blizzard is possibly implementing an option to change your secret question. I still don't know what the real situation is. Until then, my account issues remain unsolved.


  1. Oh, ick. That doesn't sound like happy fun times. :/ No one seriously can help you? o.O That's.. lame.

    1. In case it's true that the secret question can't be changed, I guess that's it for now. :/