Saturday, 3 November 2012

A rogue rogue's rose rouge

... I don't know!

I've been too pissed due to the Hess incident that took place earlier today (I know, I know, real life things in the other blog and keep this one clean!) so I figured I'd make my level 85 rogue Nikoleta go through the appearance change process now. My original plan was to wait until we got the new character models, to find out whether I'll even like male humans anymore, but I thought it'd be good to get my thoughts elsewhere. I've also been having a Moonglade burnout, so I think having something fun (hopefully...) to do on the server might help. Is it okay to have a server burnout, anyway? I've spent some time on Argent Dawn with my secondary death knight Zachariel, and as Nonna kindly accepted me into her guild, I slowly begin to find more and more reasons to spend time on a realm that in fact isn't Moonglade. If it wasn't for the tiny fact that I run a level 25 raiding guild with over 100 individual players, of whom many are lovely and dear to me in many ways, I would seriously consider transferring myself out of Moonglade. I put more and more value on roleplay, the quantity and quality of it, so I guess I'm panicing a little bit.

Back to the rogue matter, though! Last time I felt inspired about playing Niko was in mid-Cataclysm, the time before Dragon Soul; yup, over a year ago. I have no emotional bond with the character, which is why I pretty much have no issues with the appearance change. The last few days I've been very excited about the result. There are multiple reasons to why just rerolling a character wasn't an option - well, it was, but not one that I would have chosen. First of all, I dislike leveling rogues. I actually even dislike playing them, but with the new talent "trees" I think there is a chance I might begin to like playing them - of course the most important part of it is a character I'm inspired to play. For me the rogue class is like a lover I keep cheating on my partner with, but every time I realise how I don't want him after all. Still I keep going back there, because there's some mysterious charm about him, something that keeps pulling me towards him time after time!
Second, Niko has an item that would be, in most cases, very difficult to obtain these days: a raid finder version of a Dragon Soul dagger. It's a pretty awesome model with cool electric blue smokey stuff coming out of it, and I'm quite certain I'll use it for mogging purposes on my revamped rogue!

In order to get going with the appearance change, I had to remove my authenticator from my account, because it wouldn't let me log in. It would keep saying the authenticator code is incorrect, while it certainly wasn't. I tried to log in at least 20 times without mispelling it or using an expired code. The codes have worked just fine while logging into WoW. I will reattach the authentimocatorer later when I'm done with my matters for now.

Elias in Niko's mog. He will get his own set soon enough!
So, against all odds, I paid 15 euros for an appearance change. I, who have always said "I already pay enough for this game, I'd never do that." Well, it is done, and this is the result:
Nikoleta Abbatelli's memory isn't completely overwritten. Her new form carries it with the first part of his last name and with his hazel eyes. Formally Elias Desrosiers Abbatelli-Shuriken, which he tends to shorten into Elias Desrosiers for business reasons. He'll also go by Rosie.
A major focus with him is contrast. A pitch black hair against a pale skin on a man called Rosie. The young lad expresses himself mostly through his hands - by drawing. The dexterous boy also possesses enough knowledge of machines and electricity to have built one of his own: a small, pen-like, buzzing object that delicately breaks soft materials, such as skin while ejecting ink simultaneously. Not all the creativity is without a cost - behind it is the need to express oneself, and the inability to do so by usual means, for he is mute.

"You must have had to be resourceful to survive."
Elias Desrosiers flips the paper around and quickly writes on it, turning it towards the man. "Lots of paper."