Saturday, 24 November 2012

Feeling musical: Lament of the Nerfed Shadow Priest

'Feeling musical' - to rewrite gaming lyrics to a song - is the monthly challenge for November featured on Tastes Like Battle Chicken. Be sure to check it out!

For this I borrowed the melody of Killing Me Softly. My intention was to rewrite lyrics to the whole song, but as it's November, IntPiPoMo and Thanksgiving happened. Something called studies are happening as well, and with a lot of logic required, I need to put some extra focus in, as logic isn't one of my strongest qualities. In addition to this, I'm raiding at least three nights a week with Menagerie. We're all still in need of upgrades for certain equipment slots, so running raid finder weekly is necessary. All this takes a ton of time, which is why my contribution to this lovely challenge is mournfully tiny. But here it is, as follows, Lament of the Nerfed Shadow Priest.

Shadow Word: Pain now meets your skin
Ticking away wasted years
Killing you slowly with this dot
Killing you slowly with this dot
Spending my whole life
In this world
Killing you slowly with this dot

For Pasoyo with love.

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